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Why do you want to work at Apple? What do you bring to the team that is unique? Are you OK with travel (50% was in the JD, they made it sound like more). They asked a couple of other brain teaser questions that were fun. I was in the ballpark with the answer, so they walked me to home plate.

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To work with the best.

Always expect to give detailed examples of situations and how you handled it. Expect them to ask you about times when you failed and what you learned from it.

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Which do you think is more important, quantity or quality?

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Name a time where you have failed.

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Unrealistic hypothetical questions were proffered which were not germane to the position or its expected function.

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You are running a factory for producing say iPhones, and you are asked to double the production by putting another factory. How would you do that?

Standard questions regarding my experiences and workflows, operations, etc.

Q: How do you plan and prioritize your work? Ho do you deal with deadlines?

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Program life cycle and checkpoints management

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