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What makes you feel you Are different from many programmers out

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Thinking Out of Box

What considerations need to be made before partitioning a table in SQL Server

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The HR questions were standard questions about my overall experience. I talked with several members of the development team. There were not really any specific technical questions, but mostly overall descriptions of what the job would entail. The hiring manager did ask a few technical questions but they were fairly simple. The hiring process has since changed, at least in the group I was in. The process is much more strict and the interviews are much more technical.

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We have data that gets loaded once a week. With that in mind we have an application that clients enter search data in to and then SQL has to dynamically build a statement that has 25 different data points/relationships. It works fine, but takes upwards of 30 seconds to return the data to the client. You can not change the existing schema, but you can however add to it. Indexes are already present and optimized on all the different tables. What could you do to make this process much faster??

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Why do you want to work for JP Morgan Chase.

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very through on resume and what exactly have you done in each of past experience. mix of both type of questions like deep db internals and over all big picture design. Over all enjoyed talking to every team member. Unfortunately may be it was mistake on my side that I might have miss understood over all compensation expectation hence I decline the offer but work/team over all very nice.

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Plsql performane tuning techs

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What are disadvantages of partitioning?

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You mean you don't have any OLAP experience, at all???

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Your last position was in Access?

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