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If you were to start walking right now to Los Angeles, how long would it take you (in time)?

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The key here is to recognize that "start walking" ≠ "walk from start to finish". An appropriate response would be to point that out and move from there (if the interviewer presses you further).

Design queues for Netflix users Streaming and Rental movie types. Quite simple except that you have to do it in the vein of their proprietary UML sorta thing.

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None. "Tell me about yourself"

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Come up with an algorithm that will find the median of a list of numbers in linear time. (Actually this is one of mine - they usually look surprised, at least the junior guys

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There was nothing unexpected; my interviewers were very social beings, and enjoyed talking.

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Setting up a CP ( Contingency Plan), how you ever set up a CP?

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If I was an IT Consultant and had to set up 30 training rooms with 30 computers. What would you do and how many times would you met with the client?

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1. Write a code that will take in a string and count the number of characters in the string. 2. Write a code that takes in two different arrays, compares them and ouputs whatever is not common in the 2 arrays.

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String manipulation in a language that was described by the test

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