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What do you know about ballast?

2 Answers

what voltage and went from there.

It is a voltage step down transformer for florescent lighting.

What qualifies you to do this job.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you worked with a team on a project that had a specific goal in mind? Did the project succeed or fail? What was your role in it?

1 Answer

How much I wanted to be paid. 65k/yr

1 Answer

I was only asked to summarize my work experience, which was already on my resume and on my job application.

1 Answer

How many years of experience? Knowledge of the job, interviewing for.

1 Answer

How to calculate 3 phase power?

1 Answer

I was only asked technical questions relating to my experience in the panel interview

1 Answer

When can you start?

1 Answer

What is the correct method of brazing.

1 Answer
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