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Are you smart?

7 Answers

Yes, at-least by the standards of the people I worked and studied with in the past.

i'm f**** smart The results of the Dunning-Kruger study show that incompetent people massively overestimate their ability, while truly competent people are typically unaware that they are on the far-right side of the bell curve. Assuming that the interviewer is aware of this effect, the best strategy to play is modesty.

What do you know about branching strategies?

3 Answers

Solve this circular dependency problem among C libraries.

1 Answer

write atoi()

5 Answers

When can you start?

1 Answer

What qualifies you to do this job.

1 Answer

Have you used CVS in the past?

1 Answer

What attracted you to the job?

1 Answer

Technical questions pertaining to HVAC, refrigeration

1 Answer

Higher level concepts: abstraction, extension, etc.

1 Answer
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