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I was asked about my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. I was also asked what plan I had to help the Company grow.

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I answered that my biggest strength and weakness was actually the same thing - my emotions. I answered that I was going to help the company grow by working my way up in to human resources and helping find great people to work on an already awesome team. Two and a half years later, I have done so and couldn't imagine working anywhere else. I love what I do every day and come to work singing. My fellow team mates do the same thing.

I would say my biggest strength is that that I’m very responsible, patient, hardworking and very organized. One of my weakness is that I tend to overthink sometimes and over plan things that don’t always need to be stressed about.

I plan to help the company grow by doing well in my job everyday and possibly spreading the word about this place and everything it has to offer for families.

Name a difficult work related situation and how you overcame it.

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How much experience do you have in dealing/interacting with people of color, minorities, and/or various cultures?

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We work under pressured timelines and deadlines; the position also works with very sensitive and confidential matters and student records. How do you successfully manage yourself in this kind of environment? Provide details or strategies used.

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Tell us about a difficult interpersonal situation you encountered and how did you handle it?

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This position often requires multi tasking. Can you tell me in detail about a time when you had to multitask and prioritize several tasks at once?

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How well I dealt with inter office conflict

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What are my career aspirations and how can they help me grow?

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What is your experience with handling confidential and sensitive information?

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Why do I like working as a Box Office Treasurer?

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