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Software Engineer Interview Questions

Software engineers write programs to design and develop computer software. Interviews are highly technical, so come ready to work through coding problems and math brainteasers. The specific questions you are asked will depend on what type of programming position you are looking for. Try researching a specific software discipline such as web development, application development, or system development.

Top Interview Questions

Have you ever written any libraries or packages for your codes?

1 Answer

Not quite but can created classes and use those classes with inheritance to infinitely connect functions and variables.

I can't quite remember, but it was along the lines of solving for 2 variables with only one expression...

1 Answer

Q: What would you like to do most, given your background?

Find common words from multiple sentences and the number of times they occur in each of them.

implement a tic-tac-toe

1 Answer

What difficulties did you face for this project and how did you handle them?

If you had a difference of opinion with a co-worker on how to execute a project, how would you approach it?

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