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Q: How would you architect a service that would detect and protect nodes that were being attacked by bots?

1 Answer

I think the answer could be using module_evasive , as it detects the DoS attacks and prevents them by not accepting requests from that client.

How do you assist a user having trouble getting on the internet?

4 Answers

How would you modify a file as another user besides using su/sudo?

5 Answers

Discuss how you would approach a brand new problem that you haven't handled in the past from the start?

4 Answers

I was asked about FSMO roles and wanted me to explain RAID configurations. Asked me to explain how long a security change would take to replicate across a domain. Also asked me to explain how DHCP functions. Define "Netstat".

3 Answers

Read in text from a text file or stdin and tally the most common words. Output, in order, the most common words present in the file.

2 Answers

What is the difference between a packet, segment, and a frame

2 Answers

You have 3 ants, each standing on a corner of one triangle. At the same time they move either right or left. What is the chance of a collision on and edge happening?

2 Answers

Have you used the OfferUp app?

2 Answers

Given two buckets which you know to hold three gallons and five gallons, which have no graduations or other markings that would let you easily measure amounts less than 3 or 5 gallons of water, how would you measure exactly four gallons of water?

3 Answers

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