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Technical Architect was asked...March 28, 2010

Do you know the differences between tags and branches? When do you use which?

1 Answers

I typically use tags to mark important changes to code sets. Use Branches when different versions of code are in production at one time (or are being developed for release into production). Less


Difference between JDBC and Hibernate

1 Answers

JDBC is a clumsy java approach for db talks while hibernate being one of the leading ORM tool needs data defined on entity class only to do the DB talk Less


Below are some of the questions I could remember that they asked. Hope it helps What is CIDR block and what do you use it for Troubleshoot a webpage that can't access the DB Troubleshoot why you can't access a webpage server What is DOS/DDOS and how to mitigate this What is CDN and why is it important who would setup the CDN What is database indexing and why is it important Difference between NOSQL and RDBS Difference between object storage and file system Difference between Asymetric and symetric crypto Whats a three tier web page architect,and how do you monitor to see a bottleneck and how do you improve it How would you design an e-commerce web page and how would you improve it What is MSA If you collected logs and wanted to store them for 14 days then move them over to permanent storage for a few years how would you do this How would you analyze objects stored in S3 and share them with users What ports do databases use Difference between IOPS, Throughput, and Latency What is a web application firewall and how do you use it, what layer is it on How would you monitor utilization of equipment in a datacenter How do you secure a web site How would a developer make an API friendlier Of the 14 principles which one do you relate with mostly and use at work, Which one do you not agree with

5 Answers

CIDR - Classless Inter-domain Routing, Which replaced the old class based IP addressing scheme based on A,B & C. CIDR has 2 parts a network Address (samel like normal IP address) followed with a subnet prefix. the subnet prefix decides how many bits of the IP address has taken for network. and rest will be allocated for the subnet. Less

DoS- Denial of Service DDos - Distributed Denial of service. AWS Shield will provide protection for CDN and S3 from DDoS attack . Less

IOPS - Input and output per seconds - measure the capacity in terms of the number request can be served in a second. Throughput - The volume of data that can be handles and measured in MBPS Latency - is the time between a request and response. Less

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Al Ryum

When are you available?

4 Answers

As soon as possible

I can any time tomorrow or after tomorrow

As soon as possible

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API Led Approach

3 Answers

What's the answer

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Salesforce or ex-Salesforce Technical Architect experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Less

Only 3 ingredients: 1. Thought process 2. Thought process 3. Thought process

CORE architecture + design

"How much are you looking for?"

2 Answers

$20.00 (usd) would be nice

Don't waste your time.

What software programs are you professional in?

2 Answers

revit, photoshop, autocad

I have also used revit sporadically throughout my academic and professional life. Less

From Which College did you do your Bachelors?

2 Answers

Confidently saying my college name and added the years

Himgiri zee university


How would you convince a large American client that outsourcing their IT department is in their best interest?

2 Answers

I would first examine the long term effects on morale and corporate perception before ever suggesting outsourcing. Often the short-term cost savings are not worth the long-term damage that outsourcing can create. I also deeply believe that the American workforce is still the most innovative in the world. Less

I'm not surprised the author of this review did not get hired. He doesn't know the difference between "outsourcing" and "off-shoring". Outsourcing can involve American companies and simply means hiring another company to handle some function of a companies operations. Off-shoring means sending jobs overseas. Less

Fairfax County Virginia

Practical exercise was to demonstrate basic HTML skills

2 Answers

HTML skills test for senior web architect?!

Haha, yes! Unfortunately some people at FFX County don't hire pregnant women despite how well-trained they are anyways. Less

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