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A IQ question: I have 9 coins and 8 have the same weight and the last one is heavier. I also have a balance beam to weigh the coins with. I can only use the balance beam 2 times to find the heavier coin. How do you find the heavier coin?

4 Answers

Divide the coins into 3 piles of 3. Weigh the first 2 piles. If they balance then the heavier coin is in the 3rd pile otherwise its on the balance beam. Take the heavier pile and place 1 coin on each end of the beam. If they are equal then the heavier coin is the 3rd coin else it is on the beam.

OMG... It says the last coin was heavier! FIND THE LAST COIN...duh!

@ranee : The answer given is correct. If the heavier coin is in the 3rd pile , then take any two from them and weigh them . If they are equal , you can easily say the last coin is the heaviest , otherwise the heaviest coin is one of the two being weighed. If in the first go , you can get hold of the heavier pile , do the same procedure as above. You can easily find it by using the balance twice.

How do you define success?

3 Answers

Can you speak another Language, like an Asian Language?

2 Answers

How do you motivate high achievers?

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What is your strategy in interviewing so you hire the right people?

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Name, experience, etc. But this was just the applicant tracking system.

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Q: Redesign the screen display from scratch for the next operating system....and go!

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1. Generate all possible words from telephone numeric key pad mapping to alphabets for an arbitrary length of digits.

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Behavioral mostly. Few technical system design related

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They asked me to implement a small app using their API.

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