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Data Architect Interview Questions

"Data architects design, build, and maintain the systems that dictate how a company's data is collected and stored. Expect interviews to consist primarily of technical questions that will test your knowledge of engineering databases. Employers are often looking for candidates with degrees in data science, computer science, or another related field, as well as a knowledge of relevant database languages like SQL."

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what is the differnce between hash and nested-loop join

1 Answer

a hash join builds a numeric key and links the records while nested-loop scans through by input record

(In response to stating VMware lun sizing best practice) Why would volume management of smaller luns result in lower performance than a large lun (meta)?

1 Answer

What's 5/2 in MySQL ?

4 Answers

Why would you use a Null as a data value?

2 Answers

Describe previous experience

1 Answer

What would I say to CFO in 30 seconds? Hiring manager was seeking cookie-cutter response.

1 Answer

standard questions on the role expectation etc - certainly enjoyed talking to few fantastic ppl in the organization during the interview process

1 Answer

The coding demo was essentially a guided coding demo in python doing some data acquisition and organization, fairly straightforward, low pressure and very helpful. It also gave pretty good insight for me what the job and work environment would be like, which was quite helpful for me as well.

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I can't recall the specifics of the interview. This happened several months ago.

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Explain the most complicated function or procedure you've written with TSQL.

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