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Certified Pharmacy Technician was asked...November 1, 2012

When a customer complains about how long they had to wait, which can sometimes happen when there is not enough people working, how would you handle talking to this customer?

3 Answers

I would thank the customer and apologize for the wait.

If needed I would fill the script myself and pass to be checked by Pharmacist and immediately return script to customer. Less

Explain that you are sorry about their wait and ask the pharmacist to help with this customer if they continue to complain. Less

Nason Medical Center

What type of instruments have you used?

3 Answers

I gave a brief explanation of the instruments I have used in the various lab settings I have worked. Less

Analytical balance, volumetric pipette, burette, spectrometer, bunsen burner, fume hood Less

Analytical balance, volumetric pipette, burette, spectrometer, bunsen burner, fume hood Less

North Carolina State University

What types of accounting actions have you performed in the past?

2 Answers

Very comfortable

I've very comfortable performing audits.

CVS Health

Why should I pick you over someone who is already licensed to be a Pharmacy Technician?

2 Answers

I am a very fast learner. I am organized and am always productive. Someone who has been previously trained may have knowledge coming into this job, but they might also have their own way of doing it. I would be learning how to do it from scratch, and would be doing everything the CVS way. Less


IDEXX Laboratories

I was asked the basic process of O&P sample from start to finish.

2 Answers

How you proceed depends on the accepted procedure in the lab. One accepted procedure is as follows: fecal specimen should be placed in 10% formalin to preserve morphology; to concentrate use formalin ethyl acetate sedimentation or zinc sulfate flotation. The specimen is then stained with iodine and examined under a microscope. Less

Process sample, build sample, mix samples, centrifuge sample for 5 mins on 1500 rpm, float sample for 10 mins, read sample then release. Less

Apex Systems

What have you done to keep up with technology since your last position?

2 Answers

Stupid answer!

I have read manuals, watched YouTube videos and read technical discussion on the Internet. Less


How would you handle a system outage?

2 Answers

Calmly. Locate and fix using the half-split method; whether that is with teams in broad geographically spanning systems or within a single functioning system Less

I would start at the beginning and work my way forward until I found where the error was. Continually checking the system database as I went forward to see my progress and make sure I was bringing the whole system up and not leaving a portion out. Less

Kaiser Permanente

You arrive to work at the start of your shift and notice work area has bodily fluids and small amounts of blood splatter; what do you do first?

1 Answers

Inform your supervisor. Determine extent of body fluid contamination of work area. Determine proper chemical cleaning supplies necessary to correct contamination hazard. Use PPE (personal protection equipment) as appropriate to situation before you being clean-up of contaminated work space/bench. Less

Faction Media

How to handle multiple people, each with a high-priority problem.

2 Answers

Not sure if its correct but here are my steps: 1. See if anyone can help me out and take one of the problems. 2. Start with the easiest problem first. Quick fix can save time for others on line. Less

Communication is the most important, making sure each knows that you haven't forgotten about them but that you are working on multiple issues. Less

Costco Wholesale

Describe a situation where you worked in a team to finish certain task

2 Answers

I worked in a medical store and assigned a task to supply a wholesaler with large quantity of antibiotics capsule, we worked as a team to finish the task on time (all of the employee from manager to laborer) , the task was delivered on the required time, customer was happy and all of us felt a sense of satisfaction. Less

I worked on Black Friday working at forever 21. It's was 4 of us in the men section. I assigned everyone a task & for the most part we were working efficiently, but one co-worker had enough, and quit on us. Witt the 3 of us picking up the slack another co-worker quit. And then there were 2. We tried the best we can and stuck it out to the end as a team, but job wouldn't have been nearly as clean if we didn't lose 2 people. Less

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