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Given a page size and a number, align the number with the nearest page. (Note: This was a phone interview question. The interviewer and I used an online document to share ideas about this problem.

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//naive solution: int getAlignedValue(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { int index = valueToAlign/pageSize; return index * pageSize; } //faster solution: int getAlignedValue_Fast(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { return valueToAlign & !(pageSize-1); }

I think that at the faster solution you mean int getAlignedValue_Fast(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { return valueToAlign & ~(pageSize-1); } Note: There is a difference between !(pageSize-1) and ~(pageSize-1) ~(0x11) is 0xee !(0x11) is 0

@The Dude Good catch! I didn't think about that. (Fortunately, I didn't have to execute the code in the interview--I just typed it in a program similar to Google Docs.) Thanks!

Questions were pretty simple. A couple SQL questions and simple support scenarios. My only issue is with the later questions, interviewer seemed to want answers they required you to know how their support system is set up. Using Telnet, knowing what Server command and control they have set up to monitor the system status. Majority of my support work has been dealing with highly protected systems from classified government systems to highly secure cloud-based servers like the Amazon S3 servers. These systems use layers of security to protect them from hacker attacks. The use of scripting protocols and permission levels would be used, instead of the security laden connection tools such as telnet. I explained this to interviewer, which seemed to actually annoy him. He was hard to read. They were having a big support issue, and it looked like he had to take over to solve it. So interview became rushed at the end. The interviewer I met about the SQL questions, was very friendly, and I impressed him very quickly with my SQL and advanced Data Modeling knowledge. He offered my a great compliment that I had the skills they really needed on their team.

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describe your customer service experience, and your customer service philosphy

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How many HDD's are in this laptop?

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The most difficult question asked of me was what would I do if a computer powered off and wouldn't power back on. The only other technical question asked was if I knew how to unlock accounts via Active Directory

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"I see you were prone to leadership roles in group work, are you able to take the backseat when needed or do you need control? (sic)"

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What is the square root of Pi?

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Mike Rydin asked how my previous employer felt about losing me as an employee.

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What kind of Candy Bar would you be and why? - Asked by the Support VP, who always tries to throw in a zinger question, so it could be something different everytime.

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Technical questions about my previous job.

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