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Controller Interview Questions

"When hiring a controller, a company will look for candidates who have the business mindset, accounting experience, and essential soft skills to oversee the entire accounting department. Before interviewing for a controllership, prepare to answer questions not only about your knowledge of accounting, but also about your management strategies, communication skills, and knowledge of business operations."

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They asked me if I had experience with QuickBooks.

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I responded that I did not, but had experience in several other financial based programs. Further, I'm not afraid of learning news systems, taking in person or on-line training, hands-on learning, but I was confident that I could learn QB quickly.

They asked a question that was somewhat confusing at the time but made a lot of sense later. They asked how I would deal with monitoring the work done by payroll administrators even as I was not their supervisor but was still responsible for the accuracy and quality of their work. Ironically, this question rang in my ears for a long time--it was definitely a dilemma.

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Tell me about a time when you were working in a team and your opinion was challenged.

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Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

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What do you feel is the most important thing an HR Manager should consider when interviewing a candidate?

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Tell me about a time where you failed and what did you learn from that situation?

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Why should we hire you for this job?

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"Have you ever fired a client." The question was a result of me over sharing. The interviewer did not understand that sole proprietors sometimes have to fire clients in order to survive and that this practice is encouraged by business experts.

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How you handle stress and pressure?

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