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Entry Level Data Scientist was asked...August 14, 2020

Tell me about yourself and your experience

4 Answers

Hi, could you share more about the two coding questions? Were they multiple choices focused on concepts or you actually were asked to code? What did you do for the SQL question? I have a coding assessment coming up soon! Your answer would be very appreciated!!! Best! Less

Hi, Were you contacted for an interview after completing the coding assessment? Less

On the assessment I had to complete two coding questions. One was using sql and the other was a coding language of your choice. I was then asked to interview with the recruiter and after that someone in the senior level position. Less

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What is p-value, CI

3 Answers

Google it. It's basic statistics but this is not a good place to explain it. If you've never heard of it, even applying for entry level data scientist is out of the question. Less

What is the correct source to read about this?

Did they have numerical problems as well? based on probability, etc.


How to deal with outlier value?

2 Answers

Use median instead of mean

Increase sample size and/or eliminate the outlier value from the model.


How to prevent over-fitting?

2 Answers

1) get more training data 2) using weight decay to limit capacity of the model 3) using early-stopping 4) using cross-validation 5) average many different models 6) drop-out Less

Regularization, test out of sample

Space Media Group HK

How familiar are you in this kind of job?

1 Answers

I'm very familiar and willing to learn and to be trained if necessary for complying the job description. Less


They asked me a question on Data management software I have not heard before

1 Answers

I was truthful. I gave everything I had while preparing for the interview. I did everything I could to get to the 2nd round of the interview, although this is not the job I would have been interested in but it is tough out there getting even an interview not to talk of being selective. Just trying to get my foot at the door and then go from there. Less

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general machine learning questions one algorithm question found in leetcode

1 Answers

Why did you decline the offer? Was there an issue?

FDM Group

What's the many-to-many relationship in SQL?

1 Answers

Many-to-many relationship in SQL is a type of cardinality that refers to entity relationships where multiple records in one table are related to multiple records in another table. Less


1 open-ended machine learning question that provides a dataset and asks to conduct exploratory analysis, generate visualizations, predict a target variable, and visualize feature importance.

1 Answers

Hi may I DM you about this test. I have received the same link.

Mu Sigma

Questions about my past and present projects.

1 Answers

Gave an overview focusing on challenges faced and how I overcame them.

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