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You are given a beaker and a single bacterium, which will reproduce into two bacteria in exactly 1 minute, at 12:00 noon. It is full at 1:00 pm. When was it half full?

4 Answers

It's a simple 2^x thing, so if it's full at 1:00 and doubles every 1 minute, it was half full one minute prior at 12:59.

not really... one minute prior it was 1/3 not produced 2/3 and total is full after 1 it was never 1/2

12:29 it will be half and full at 1:00pm

What's your experience with SQL?

3 Answers

Questions were easy, most were personal and some were technical. The company is trying to figure out, what direction they want to go with their software since they just starting to implement QA.

3 Answers

1. Define SDLC 2. challenging situation you handled? 3. tell me about a time........Conflict situation

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My fav game

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Do you consider yourself a patient person?

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What is your favorite game? Are there any game you would NEVER play?

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Are you passionate about the game industry?

2 Answers

Testing tool used by you

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They asked me 3 different riddles

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