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Given a page size and a number, align the number with the nearest page. (Note: This was a phone interview question. The interviewer and I used an online document to share ideas about this problem.

7 Answers

//naive solution: int getAlignedValue(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { int index = valueToAlign/pageSize; return index * pageSize; } //faster solution: int getAlignedValue_Fast(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { return valueToAlign & !(pageSize-1); }

I think that at the faster solution you mean int getAlignedValue_Fast(int pageSize, int valueToAlign) { return valueToAlign & ~(pageSize-1); } Note: There is a difference between !(pageSize-1) and ~(pageSize-1) ~(0x11) is 0xee !(0x11) is 0

@The Dude Good catch! I didn't think about that. (Fortunately, I didn't have to execute the code in the interview--I just typed it in a program similar to Google Docs.) Thanks!

Implement memcpy.

4 Answers

How would you triage and go about fixing infrastructure problems? Giving an input file, get the number of lines matching a specific piece of text using bash scripting. Give the percentage of lines in the file that match that string.

3 Answers

write a function to set a particular field of register to the desired value. ( For example, set bit 3 - 10 of a word to the given value)

3 Answers

You are hosting a party with 1000 bottles of wine and 10 servants, however, one of the bottles has been poisoned. How do you determine, using the servants, which bottle of wine is poisoned?

4 Answers

Say the program you are running has stack overflow. You want to know when and where this happens, but you don't want to use debuggers, because they slow. How would you do this?

4 Answers

1. You have two strings. A test string and a glob Test string can have a & b, any number of times, any location. Glob can have a, b, ? and *, any number of times, any location. E.g. test= {a,b,a,a,a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b} glob = {a,?, *, b} Now, ? means ANY character, single occurrence. So it's either a or b, one time * means ANY OR NO character, any number of occurrences. E.g. the above glob and test actually match. Problem is: write an algorithm to match glob with test. You MAY NOT use regular expressions :D 2. The input is any string of any length of any characters. Write a program to generate ALL unique permutations of those characters. Unique. You may not store in an array or list, due to memory constraints. e.g. for input of abc your program should give 6 permutations but for aba your program should give 3. Hint: make the list alphabetical.

3 Answers

Implement a linked list structure and insert routine in C. Make it thread safe.

1 Answer

mutex vs binary semaphores

2 Answers

How do you keep hardware registers from being cached?

3 Answers

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