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Do you know how to do DFMEA in Microsoft Excel? Do you know how to check the boxes for APQP gate reviews ? Do you know how to do Tolerance Stack up ?. You do not need any special skills for joining this company. Over all you will get selected because No new employee wants to stick to this company for not more than 2 Weeks.

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I accepted the offer for the and later I realized I did the biggest mistake by accepting it.

List three words to describe yourself.

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We strive to promote collaboration across teams, mention one particular example where you reached out to people outside your immediate team to solve a problem.

Where would you go to find logs in a linux host?

One interviewer described a situation using only Avaya hardware and software and said there was a problem on the user end. What specific steps would I take to troubleshoot that scenario and how would I relate the results of that process to my boss in laymans terms.

Nothing really tricky or exceptionally difficult. Probably the hardest one I got was how to setup MySQL multi-master replication and the various pitfalls with such a setup.

Interview went awesome except for the last question: Do you have green card or citizenship? My answer was: No Sir.

Behavioral Questions are not to be shared, but they are of form (Tell me about a time when you ... What actions did you take, what was the result?)

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Mostly behavioral questions. Could you tell me a time when you had difficulty trying to accomplish something, and how you went about solving it?

Asked about ambiguities on antenna arrays (interviewing for a radar group).

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