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Tutor Interview Questions

"Individuals who have excelled in a particular subject can use their expertise to tutor others looking for some extra help. Interviews typically consist of subject-specific questions that will assess your academic proficiency. You should also expect to answer some behavioral and situational questions, such as how you would motivate a disinterested or discouraged student. Skills that are sought after include interpersonal, problem-solving, and goal-setting abilities."

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How do I know if my student is understanding the material?

1 Answer

First, look for facial and body-language cues. A tense expression, pursed lips, downcast eyes, etc., usually means lack of understanding. Second, asked leading, closed-end questions, and when possible ask open-ended questions, and give the marker to the student and have him/her complete the next problem.

I was asked to role play a tutor session. The interviewer was pretending to be a student struggling with factoring.

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I was asked why I was interested in the position and what skills did I possess that would make me a good candidate to fulfill their family's needs.

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How would you get a student interested in a subject that he/she doesn't care for? How would you make that lesson fun?

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Are you willing to take this job?

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Please show me how to apply the chain rule to this function f(x(t)).

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what would i do if there was an angry student that did not want to follow the rules in the workplace?

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How would you motivate a student who doesn't want to do their work?

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Did I passed all the prerequisites for becoming a Math Tutor?

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Being given a program and asked to read through it and then run it with a supervisor.

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