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Behavioral Interview Questions

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Explain reasonable accommodation in regards to the ADA.

588 Answers

I wasn't expecting the question because everything had been pretty much behavioral till then, but I was able to answer it.

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How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

801 Answers

Suppose you are working on a project with an original scope of a few months and you are told that you instead now have a few days -- how would you handle it?

5 Answers

Is it important to you to be friends with your students?

3 Answers

When a customer complains about how long they had to wait, which can sometimes happen when there is not enough people working, how would you handle talking to this customer?

3 Answers

How would you handle a unruly patient?

3 Answers

Q2: A pnp transistor with its base connected to a voltage source, the V source is connected to a +10V source. The emitter of the transistor is connected to a resistance, and then to the same +10V source. The collector side is connected to a capacitor, which is not charged at t=0-. Given the graph of Vsource = 10 V stepping up at t = 0 to further, draw the graph of Vout. Vout is between the point of collector and capacitor.

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Why does one use MSE as a measure of quality. What is the scientific/mathematical reason for the same?

3 Answers

If you were asked to, would you break Union rules if directed to do so by Management?

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Case scenarios. What would you do first if a patient is aggressive

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