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Sodexo USA
Catering Assistant was asked...July 17, 2015

How do you handle working on a team?

2 Answers

No problem

I would work well as a team

Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

describe a time where you had to handle a conflict with a guest/client

2 Answers

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At my previous job I would have to handle client/customer issues daily. Empathizing and apologizing to the customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced tend to calm them down. By providing additional solutions to their problem Help as well. Less


What would you do if a client was upset with you on the phone?

1 Answers

Let the client talk, when there's a pause, tell them "I understand how you feel." That I would take responsibility and tell them I will do everything in my power to make this right by them and see to it that it never happens again. Less


Have you ever worked for Aramark before?

4 Answers

Yes, i worked part time as a waitress for two years.

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Compass Group USA

How can you handle working with demanding staff?

3 Answers

Communicate, delegate, prioritize and do my best to take care of the staffs demands Less

By smiling,and doing what's e xpected of me.

Get to know them and find out where are they coming from?

Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Are you committed to working in a fast paced, team focused environment?

3 Answers


I have no problem working in a fast-paced I've been doing it half of all my life



How have you handled conflict in your past positions

3 Answers

I'm peacekeeper and I believe that conflict can happen and the best way to handle conflict is to listen someone who is complaining. Less

Do you like beets? (It was a weird question but they asked me for whatever reason) Less

Ive never been in a position that led me to a conflict but im a peacekeeper, one person who apologises no matter who was wrong Less

Holiday Inn

Tell me about yourself.

3 Answers

I am 25 years and hard working

My name is nzubechi Emmanuel madueke am 25 years old and a hard working person i love to help in domestic work Less

I gave some dreamy, pie in the sky, sunshine and rainbow answer about wanting to provide an amazing experience for all guests and how much I loved making people happy. Less


Why do you want to join sodexo

3 Answers

Sodexo is a good company and my friends who work ther is a happy these comapny thats way i want to join Less

Sodexo is a good company and my friends who work ther is a happy these comapny thats way i want to join Less

i am before 5 years worked in qatar(sodexo) now in abu dhabi now have chance sodexo again come back? Less


What types of events have you worked?

2 Answers

Weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, Corporate events

How long did it take for the background check to process?

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