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How many race heats are needed to find the 3 fastest pinewood derby cars out of a field of 8, if only 4 cars can run at a time (assuming that every car will always run the way/speed and each lane is exactly equivalent)?

8 Answers

Each heat rules out 1 car (that cannot be one of the 3 fastest).

so is the answer 4 heat 1 (first 4 car) + 1 (4 second set) + 1( Top 2 from first + Top 2 from second set) + 1 (3 car heat among the 3rd placed car)

Only two races of four cars in each. Get the times of all cars and sort them. You don't need any more races because the times will be the same in subsequent races. :)

Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix.

4 Answers

The most challenging (and interesting) question was about a strategy for finding signal in a noisy and poorly understood data set. Asking a software engineer a data science question really stretches the mental muscles.

2 Answers

What is "void" and how is it used.

2 Answers

Most of them are on my skills, experience and process.

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Do you consider yourself a team player?

2 Answers

Given a tree, how would determine if it is a binary search tree ?

2 Answers

Remote, Skype interview. moderately technical and domain (Graphics, game engine and GPU debugging) specific. Questions were more about problem solving and ideas than tech quiz format - which I liked.

2 Answers

Bit manipulation, pagehit counter and some Qs to return topK integers in files in a directory.

2 Answers

All techinical questions, Java, Web Services, Algorithims, data base related, application performance improvement etc. Its all one on one interviews

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