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Basic questions about Digital radiography system 1) How much is my experience in digital radiography system? 2) How often you communicate to Field service engineers and dealers? 3) Technical questions about DR system

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If you have a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug how do you get exactly 4 gallons?

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What would you do in this scenario? How would you troubleshoot this? Also threw in one that gauged how you follow company policy, departmental fiscal responsibility and how to turn down/say no to your fellow employee. Lastly the typical, yet seemingly difficult to answer "Tell me about yourself?" question.

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What is your biggest weakness?

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If you have one large cookie, two small cookies, and a knife, how would you decide whether to choose the large cookie or the two small cookies in order to maximize your cookie consumption?

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During interview - questions on simple networking such as What is DNS? and What's the service is used for Printing? During technical evaluation, most of the questions were on Active Directory.

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Name time where you weren't able to complicate a project on time.

What's the degree of both hands on a clock at 3:15

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What's your college GPA?

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