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Tell me about a time when you had to step outside of your role to solve an important problem, how did you do it and what was the result?

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Make sure to highlight your ability to identity a priority problem, take initiative, and deliver an effective solution. Remember that you don't always have to solve problems alone - knowing how to seek out helpful assistance is a useful skill.

Whats the difference between an API and a SDK

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Design a Allergy, Doctor-Patient and Temperature class with some behavioral questions.

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a detailed troubleshooting scenario for VPN was asked. a site-to-site VPN, user from one site cannot get to a resource on another site.

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What would you do if minutes before your shift your computer wouldn't turn on?

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What is a VLAN and why is it used, what are the advantages and challenges. What is STP. Describe a time where you helped a peer who was struggling, what did you do to help and what was the outcome. What are some Linux Directories and their uses. Describe everything you know about the DHCP process. Group Policy fails on a client, how would you troubleshoot this. Describe your most technically challenging issue and how you solved it. What is the difference between a switch and a router. Name some TCP and UDP ports/uses. What is the OSI model and why is it used.

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You work on 60th floor of 100 story building. You walk into your office and find a bomb sitting on your desk. It reads 90 seconds and is counting down. What do you do?

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Why are you a good fit for this role? How do you work in a team? Give an example How do you handle multiple deadlines? What is your GPA and when are you graduating? What is your Visa status and would you need sponsorship at anytime? When would you be able to start the job?

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Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?

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Last project and how you handle the difficult situation in the project

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