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Technical support representative Interview Questions


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Tell me your greatest strength

1 Answer

How are you at dealing with conflicts

Past job experience how would u handle difficult customer

6 Answers

Tell me about a time where you had a hard time working with a team member(s). Can be in work or outside of work.

4 Answers

STAR format questions Tell me about a time...... Be specific Technical Support Questions; if customer called in and said internet was not working properly on laptop what's the first thing you would tell him to do?

3 Answers

What are the three main wires to a modem?

3 Answers

What is the difference between a router and a firewall?

2 Answers

What is a WHOIS?

1 Answer

Basic interview questions

2 Answers

give an example of a situation at your last job where you had to deal with an upset cm? what did you do to calm them?

2 Answers

They had no unexpected or difficult questions. Probably the only one that could be considered hard is the usual problem customer question.

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