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Tell me about a time when you planned a method or idea and it didn't work out the way you might have expected.

6 Answers

Just make sure you use an example that you were able to learn from and turn right around and fix it.

Congrats on the job offer! I am in the process of applying for Amex also. Can you tell me what the training is like?

Thank you! Good luck!! The training doesn't start until June, so I'm not too sure, but I know it has a somewhat irregular schedule and is very hands on. It lasts somewhere between 14-18 weeks and is mostly on-the-job training to get a better feel of the calls.

Why did I want to work there

3 Answers

What motivates you to succeed in your life?

3 Answers

How will you handle irate callers?

2 Answers

What type of operating systems do you know about?

2 Answers

How do you keep up with the latest technology?

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What do you know about the United Health Group?

2 Answers

How do you manage your time and not be late?

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What would you call good customer service?

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What is something I have done at a job that was unethical

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