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How would you design a recommendation system (like amazon)?

2 Answers

Use collaborate filtering to compare personal preference with others. If A and B are similar, we can recommend preferred items in B to A.

Why downvote on other answer? He/she is right. Collaborative filtering is the most common strategy for recommendation systems. You see user A buys these things and user B also bought those things but user B bought this other thing too so let's show that thing to User A.

We do pre-screening on the data to remove fraud threats -- so how do we find a data sample that we can use to determine a real representation of fraud events.

2 Answers

Explain to us what is heterosketasticity and specifically how to solve it.

1 Answer

Essentially: We use naive bayes (although he didn't really set up the question), and sometimes the probabilities don't work out when there is no data in the area we are looking.

1 Answer

Implement a sampling function with nominal distribution.

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Find the point where the sum of distance to all other points is minimized.

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They ask me query of second maximum salary in SQL I write down the right one but they said it's wrong and the interviewer wrote down the wrong the one

reverse a string which I answered right but it was wrong according to them

Why Logit function for Logistic regression and what is the log-loss function (log-likelihood function)?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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