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Determine whether the binary representation of a number if a palindrome or not, code it on a white board.

13 Answers

This was the first question I was asked and is considered a warm up.

public static boolean isPalindrome(int someInt) { final int WIDTH = 8; boolean isPalindrome = true; for (int i = 0; i < WIDTH && isPalindrome == true; i++) { int maskLower = (int) Math.pow(2, i); int maskUpper = (int) Math.pow(2, WIDTH - (i+1)); boolean bitLowerOn = ((maskLower & someInt) == maskLower) ? true : false; boolean bitUpperOn = ((maskUpper & someInt) == maskUpper) ? true : false; isPalindrome = bitLowerOn && bitUpperOn && isPalindrome || !bitLowerOn && !bitUpperOn; } return isPalindrome; }

anon.. would this work for a number like 17 (10001)?

Find k largest/smallest number in a series of numbers. What data-structures will you use? Code it on white board.

6 Answers

How would you find a duplicate number in a very large unsorted array of ints.

4 Answers

You have two linked lists that merge at some node. The lists could be billions of nodes long. Find the node where the lists merge in the most optimal time while using a low amount of memory.

5 Answers

How would you reverse a linked list in Java?

5 Answers

post order traversal of a Binary Search Tree Follow up Create a BST from this post order traversed array and write test cases for this function

3 Answers

Different Sorting Algorithms and Big O of each

2 Answers

Given an array of integers and an arbitrary integer, find the number of pairs of integers in the array whose sum is equal to the arbitrary integer.

2 Answers

Solve: M is a 2D matrix of integers (nXm) they are sorted in both row and column Write a function search(int s) that return the exact location of the number or Null using lgn

2 Answers

Reverse each word of the string without reversing the order of the words this is a test BECOMES siht si a tset

3 Answers