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If a customer had a complaint about an employees conduct how would you handle the situation?

2 Answers

I explained that I would take the employee to the side and ask them what had happened and then explain there was a complaint and either provide behavioral coaching or whatever the situation called for from there.

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What do you do if you see an employee stealing?

3 Answers

Are you ok with firing people?

2 Answers

What is your greatest weakness?

2 Answers

How well are you with 1:1 individuals?

2 Answers

Do you think good customer service can make up for a bad meal?

2 Answers

how do I deal with difficult conflicts

2 Answers

What is your management style?

2 Answers

"Give me an example of a time you faced a problem, and how you solved it"

1 Answer

N/A - they do ask you a supervisor related question

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