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What was one of your best achievements on a project in the past?

19 Answers

Answered about a previous internship, mentioned scalability and had a small discussion on that.

Were there any coding questions? And was this for an internship?

There was a coding question. It was for the SDE summer internship.

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I signed NDA for online assessments. For the phone interview, questions about DS and string manipulation. Should be good if can solve medium level HackerRank or Leetcode problems.

7 Answers

Debugging section consists of basic algorithm and data structures while analytical sections consists of analogy based questions.

7 Answers

A big project for 4 teams each with 3 people to do.

4 Answers

1. How do you pass something by reference in Python? 2. Write code to find the time between two dates? 3. Implement a tree and depth first search on that tree

4 Answers

1. Finding first non repeated character in an array 2. Linux command to list files containing specific string 3. Mysql query related to Group by Second phone interview 1. create a doubly linked list out of that tree where each node represents sum of all nodes in the same vertical line. 2. Implement search for a sorted rotated array.

4 Answers

Given a string of format '2+3*2-1', calculate and return the result. No parenthesis in the input, just integers and + - * / operators. Operator precedence has to be considered. Linear time complexity and minimal data structure use is preferred.

4 Answers

1) Debug some code and take logic test 2) Perform coding challenge 3) Show general knowledge of software development, code something, talk about interests

3 Answers

there is an array with 99 length long, each spot will have number from 1-100, number will never repeat on the array. Give as many way as possible to find the missing number.

3 Answers

Complexity of this algorithm. How to improve the complexity?

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