Technical Support Interview Questions

Technical Support Interview Questions

"Technical support jobs combine computer know-how with customer service skills in order to help customers troubleshoot computer-related issues. While some employers require candidates to have a bachelor's or associate's degree in computer science, others may only be looking for some level of computer knowledge and an ability to learn as you go. In an interview, expect to answer a variety of troubleshooting questions, such as how you would help a customer with a program that keeps crashing or a computer that won't connect to the internet."

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SilkRoad Technology
Technical Support Representative was asked...November 3, 2015

Tell me your greatest strength

2 Answers

My greatest strength is Problem Solving

How are you at dealing with conflicts

JANUS Displays

What is your troubleshooting process?

1 Answers

getting all the facts first to identify the problem thoroughly and go through the steps necessary to rectify the issue. CEO who is also head of IT and the lead developer incorrectly corrected me by stating troubleshooting is going through a lengthy list of possibilities and making sure everything is correct. That is however incorrect due to the fact that such a process is counterproductive to assessing issues based on customer need to identify and take care of one problem that exists rather than a multitude of possibilities that do not fit the description of whatever the issue is. If there are multiple issues there are multiple fixes that may or may not relate to one another but time management is key in IT Support to quickly identify the customer's issue and fix it to minimize downtime for your client. An obvious red flag that this would be an oversight and not plausible business in client relations. Less


Whats the difference between an API and a SDK

1 Answers

API = application program interface, it is a logical group of functions which can be accessed using specified syntax for operations, inputs, outputs and types. SDK = collection of related API used to develop software packages Less


What port do you change for email? What is the difference between a private and public ip address? How would you handle an irate customer. When is a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

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SMTP port 25 is usually where you would look first. For Verizon they use a different port. 465. The difference is in the range of the octets. private IP ranges from (class A), (class B), (class C) These are used "inside". The other address ranges (first octet) 1-127, 128-191, and 192-254 excluding the ones mentioned above are considered the Class A, B, C public ranges. The other two questions about Irate customers and above and beyond are subjective. My advice is breathe deep and be nice, ALWAYS be nice. Less


I have reviewed your resume but would like to ask you to begin by giving me an overview of your education as they relate to this position and why you are interested in this position. Please elaborate on your project listed on your resume. What were your major responsibilities in that ? Did you made the project? If yes then tell what you have done in the project ?

6 Answers

Greetings for the day, My first job roll in Wipro BPO was to answer customer queries in regards to medical insurance claims and also describe the benefits and eligibility of the health insurance as per the policies the customer is entitled to. My second job involved detection of credit card frauds. Once I find an on going fraudulent activity on a customer's credit card, my responsibility was to cancel and reissue a new card. Next, in Teleminds and Clarus, my job description was to troubleshoot internet and phone issues. Added to troubleshooting, I also helped the new customers set up there phone and internet. Customers in these two organisations were located in Australia. Other than troubleshooting, I also took care of the billing queries and also the logistics requirements of the necessary hardwares required to set up the internet. Lastly, in my present organization Commscope, my work is to take care of the issues raised by the customer via tickets and also answer chats and calls. The prime work is to ensure the licensing on the physical and virtual controllers, switches and access points. Secondary to this, I also need to work on the logistics of any hardware, that needs to be replaced, to keep the internet services uninterrupted for home and business customers. Less

my self i had made project on microcontroller based 8-device controller

It's a large company in Bangalore City I have great opportunity to show my skills regarding their job position Less

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They asked about the city I live in. And they also asked my technical capabilities with Apple software and if I was willing to learn. They also asked about my home environment and if it was suitable for their work.

11 Answers

Thanks! Interview went great! They called me a hour after to offer me to move on with the process Less

When you filled out your Application on Kelly Connect's website did any of you get to the end of the assessment for your time zone and have it say something about a high volume of applications being submitted and that they would be in touch or to keep checking back for the available appointment times? I filled out more apps under a different email to test and those apps just got to the logi serv (sp?) website and automatically said "Assessment Passed" o.0 I am just worried because the first time I attempted the typing test it just immediately proceeded to next section after 20 seconds. Less

I had the interview and they said they would contact within 24 hours to go within the hiring process. Does that mean I would get it or because I didn't get it on the spot, I Was turned down! Thanks!!! Less

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Tell about yourself

11 Answers


Khanlar,Azerbaijan, Engineering having more 30 years experience in the sea and the construction of new vessels Less

I am Kayode Akintayo from Nigeria with higher national diploma in Electrical engineering with more ten years experience in computer systems Less

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Are you ready to stand the work pressure ?

10 Answers

I missed work pressure.


Any other questions. Only pressure

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How would you handle a situation where there is no clear solution to a problem

7 Answers



Provide the best solution available to you to help alleviate the issue. If you have access to SMEs then get their opinion first. After providing the solution you have on hand, speak to others who are knowledgeable about the topic (SMEs, Vendors, Folks from other appropriate organizations), and research online to find a better more sustainable solution to the problem. Throughout the process be sure to communicate the issue and challenges to the appropriate managers and user community for clarity, feedback, and possible assistance. Less

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Brinks Home

Past job experience how would u handle difficult customer

6 Answers

Did you get hired on the spot?

No after face to face interview they waited a day later and contacted me and offered the position where I had to do my paper work at the Dallas location Less

Oh ok I just had my interview last week was told I would be given a call two days later but it's been about 4 days now ...any advice for me? Less

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