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In a Unix environment what are the top 3-5 considerations for performance monitoring a Java application that has access to a local Oracle instance (located on the same server). Please be as specific as possible (i.e. commands, locations, etc.)

1 Answer

I answered based on there being no monitoring tools being presented other than native Unix and Java. So I talked about process, memory, java logs, CPU, and virtual memory all related to the Unix process for the Java processes.

How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

4 Answers

What is the difference between a functional requirement and a system requirement?

3 Answers

What's an API?

1 Answer

How would you deal with people freaking out to meet the deadline for a USAID proposal?

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I was given a writing test. The test included three poorly organized technical writing passages that I was instructed to rewrite. Great idea to add this and something I have never seen in a technical writing interview. Typically you're just asked for samples and those are used to evaluate your ability as a writer.

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What port do you change for email? What is the difference between a private and public ip address? How would you handle an irate customer. When is a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

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What are the three attributes you believe a successful technical recruiter should have?

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Describe a project where you encountered issues with completing the tasks or getting others to complete the tasks. Explain what you did.

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How do you plan to ensure that your focus is always on improving the customer experience?

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