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Bain & Company Is The #1 Best Place To Work—Here’s Why!

Based in Boston, MA, Bain & Company earned the top spot for the ninth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, honoring the Best Places to Work in 2017 across North America and parts of Europe.

The consulting firm has been around since 1973 and currently has 51 offices across the world. If you’re looking to join a thriving company that really knows how to take care of its employees–look no further. With a company rating of 4.6 on Glassdoor, Bain & Company employees don’t have much to complain about.

Here’s an inside look at the best company to work for in the U.S.

The perks

If you’re wondering what’s so great about Bain & Company, take a look at their comprehensive benefits program to get a quick idea of just how much this company provides for its workers.

“Bain & Co. really takes care of its people,” writes a former employee from the company’s Chicago office. “The benefits are fantastic – better than I’ve see anywhere else.”

Bain & Co provides employees with a lot of the basics you see in most benefit packages: health insurance, 401k and retirement plan, stock purchase plan, vacation and paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, flexible spending accounts and free lunches and snacks.

But, on top off all of that, they have a few other interesting perks that not too many companies offer: paid time off to volunteer, tuition assistance, diversity and job training programs, sabbatical and working from home options.

Employees rave about their excellent insurance coverage and Bain & Company’s generous 401K contributions–according to one employee, the company will contribute to your 401K regardless of whether or not you put any money into it! Talk about investing in your employees!

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The people

One of the most important things you need to know about working at Bain & Company is this: they select the most exceptional candidates to work at their company and employees are motivated on day one to make big impacts, both in the office and outside it.

And how well does the company’s leaders cultivate this ambition? Considering that Bain & Company’s CEO, Bob Bechek is the highest rated CEO on Glassdoor with a 99% approval rating–we have to assume that working for Bechek is prettying inspiring!

According to an associate consultant working out of the San Francisco office, Bain & Company has a, “Strong company culture that is fun, friendly, and productive when necessary.”

Moreover, another employee from the Chicago office writes that, “The people are what makes it special. Throughout my career, I can point to people who invested in me, helping me to grow and develop. And the relationships I formed in the trenches with my supervisors, peers, and reports helped make me into who I am today. It’s an apprenticeship business and you get to learn from some of the best. Good learning, fantastic impact, and a lot of fun along the way. No one hear takes themselves too seriously … very far from it!”

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The office digs and culture

While the company has 51 different offices across the globe, it seems that all offices are functioning with the same amount of awesomeness, and the same motivated and ambitious workers.

One employee from the Boston headquarters says the office is filled with people who walk around with a smile on, regardless of how stressful their day might be.

“Bain has an unprecedented culture that is warm, inviting, and fun, and this inspires and invigorates employees such as myself,” writes the anonymous employee.

The pay

With awesome co-workers, inspiring leaders and competitive pay–what else do you need? Bain & Company’s Glassdoor page holds 1,306 salaries for 176 different job titles, which makes their pay transparent.

A consultant earns $138,283; a case team leader makes $152,204 and even interns receive great pay, with a summer associate intern earning $10,874 monthly!

The verdict

The fact that 96% of employees say they would recommend Bain & Company to a friend says a lot about how high employee satisfaction is at this company. Based on the perks, great culture, friendly co-workers and a strong leader, we have to continue to agree that Bain & Company is one of the best companies to work for.



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Editor’s Note: Data, salaries and employee reviews mentioned in the above article are as of November 2016.